How it all started……

I’d always always wanted to photograph people.
I’d always told family photographers that I was so jealous of what they do.
I’d always wondered… could I do it?
Would I be good enough?
Would anyone actually want my style of images?
Would I suck really bad and embarrass myself?
Would I invest a lot of money and not be successful?
Do I have a thick enough skin to always be subject to other people’s opinions of my work?

The answer to all those questions is 
I’m not sure.
One thing I do know for sure, is after I did this session for a neighbour, and absolutely 100% loved it and felt such passion for it, the answers to those questions didn’t matter as much.  I was going to do it anyway.
And so I did- Jumped right in head first- deep end.
Can I swim in this pool with tons of talented photogs?  
Guess time will tell.
I might look back on this first shoot in time and cringe… I just hope that as i’m looking back, I can see how far I’ve come, I can appreciate what I’ve learnt and I can say that the journey was worth it.  So, I give you my first ever shoot.


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