These images were taken of Tranquille Sanitorium in Kamloops.  Long abandoned, and said to be haunted, this location is filled with history and intrigue.  The history here is rich, with tons of old dilapidated  buildings left on the site that is slated for destruction and re-development.

Back in the early 1900s many buidlings were built to house patients with tuberculosis.  Large beautiful residences for doctors, staff, housing units, diary barns, a school, laundry facilities and even their own fire hall were all on the site.  Kamloops was choosen for it’s ideal climate.  The sanatorium later became a facility to house developmentally delayed individuals, and was closed down in 1984.

It is said that there are underground tunnels from building to building. Many buildings no longer have doors, and you are able to access them.  We were there to see the history before it is torn down and not to create trouble, so we were respectful of the area.  I can not say whether or not the place is haunted- I certainly didn’t feel a presence, but it is a bit creepy.  Hope you enjoy the images rich in history and interest.


One thought on “tracy cook {SCENIC PHOTOGRAPHY}

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