The previously blogged session includes teens from this session.  
I’m happy to share shots of these two wonderful boys and their mom.
This session is one that is really close to my heart.  
While editing some of the images, I was really moved by the tenderness and love that can be seen between the boys and their mom.  I can only hope that my boy feels the same way about me when he’s a teen.
I have known this mom for many years.  We survived working for the same boss many years ago, survived learn to run courses, and always stayed in touch.  I have had the pleasure of being friends with this incredible woman as she travels down life’s road with grace, strength, and beauty while being an inspiration for others in how she conducts herself.  I am so pleased to see her thriving, looking so good, and being a wonderful inspiration to those around her, including me.  I’ve always known she was a one of a kind person, and have always treasured her friendship, so it gives me a lot of satisfaction to have been chosen by her to capture some of her family images.  I hope you enjoy the images.


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