Photographing Alberta – part four

Rowley Alberta

Just literally steps away from the main street you’ll find these beautiful grain elevators.  
I guess they were sold to the town by the Alberta Wheat Pool for $1.00.

If you know anything about grain elevators, you know they are imposing figures in the praries, are no longer used, and not often found.  These are in really good condition, and again are going to be preserved by the community for tourism.

 The elevators as seen from a disused train nearby.

Definitely a place I’d like to explore more.  We were short on time, and were given the opportunity by one of the locals to go inside buildings which I would have loved to do, but time didn’t allow.
I do have to say it’s a weird feeling to be there- we were pretty much the only ones there, and all of the locals knew it.
I totally felt like an intruder although they are a welcoming community.


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