tracy cook { PHOTOGRAPHY}

Let me tell you a love story.  I love photography.  I always have, and hopefully always will.
When I started my photography business, I will totally admit that I made the decision super fast- on a spur of the moment- following the first set of photos I took for friends.
That was it- I was doing it.
Tired of being envious of those who were.
I picked a name.
I bought a domain name.
Started a web site.
I went for it.

Has it been easy?  
Ummmm NO.

It’s actually been really REALLY tough for me.  Some people weren’t very supportive.  And honestly, I was a bit naive about things.  If I’m totally truthful, when I started, my skills probably weren’t where they needed to be.  There are many factors unique to my area that have resulted in me feeling frustrated about my definition of limited success with my photography.  

A few months ago I decided to take myself out of the game in my city and instead of chasing work- just stay open, and see what happens.  Truthfully, I’d sort of written it off. 
Not successful here.  
Not going to work.    

And for me, who was always successful in my social work career, failure is a tough tough blow.  A knock out blow.

But days after that decision, I ran across a quote; 
You make some big grandiose decision about what you need to do, or who you need to be and then circumstances rise that immediately reveal to you how little you understood about yourself”
-Elizabeth Gilbert
Boy was that true !  Suddenly opportunities presented themselves  I began to work with a mentor who’s work I admire, and who’s feedback has been tough, accurate, and has helped me grow.  Photographic opportunities presented themselves.  

Am I crazy successful now?  
Have photography mastered? 
 Ummmm NO.  

BUT, the whole reason for this post is to say that feedback from others, when it comes from the right place in a person’s heart is invaluable.  
For a former career devoted professional who always excelled, and then turned into a stay at home mom where successes are sometimes hard to measure, 
I fully, totally, and completely appreciate feedback. 
 So thank you to those who have given it.  It would be nice if I didn’t care, if it didn’t matter what others thought, if I could just do what I wanted but it does matter. 
 I hope I’m able to continue to stumble upon opportunities to grow and learn and find success with photography.  
I will always believe in the power of photography.

And if you are still with me after all that- on a much lighter note, this beautiful wonderful sweet, ear sucking cat swallowed my diamond earring.  Do I go looking for it?


One thought on “tracy cook { PHOTOGRAPHY}

  1. Don't be so hard on yourself. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think you do an amazing job but should stand back and remember that you are just learning and hey you are WAYYYYYY better than me at it. lol. xo


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