tracy cook {PERSONAL}

I’ve decided that every Wednesday I’m going to feature a saying that is relevant to me that week.
I’ll post the saying, which I probably found on my new obsession
And follow it up with my thoughts.
You will likely learn a bit about me.
Good or Bad….
I’m putting it out there.
I thought Wednesdays were a good day to do it, since it’s a good day for a pick me up.
Poor Wednesdays. 
Stuck there in the middle of the week.
Still too close to Monday
And too far away from Friday.
So here’s this weeks.
This saying is particularly important to me in my photography life.  Locally, there are so many talented photographers.  Kamloops, in my opinion is highly over saturated with photographers offering portraits.  I personally find it a very tough place to break into, and I have found it a struggle to succeed.  But as my husband will tell you, my definition of success is very high.  And I’m still learning.
But what I really need to learn is to just do what I want to do, follow my passion, do the best I can, and not try to compare or compete.  If I do what I like, and what feels good for me, there is no reason to compare.
Comparison really is the thief of joy. It points out only what you didn’t do, and could have done better, compares apples to oranges in many cases, and does not recognize what a person has done right.
For me, I stopped following all but one photographer in my area.  I don’t need to know what they are  all doing, how often they are working, how much they are charging, what ideas they are working on…. etc etc.
I just need to follow my passion, and continue to find joy in my photography.
I know myself that the comparison robs me of my joy.
And photography for the photographer and the subject should be a joyous experiences   
Does this saying speak to you??

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