As the saying goes, I’ve had a bee in my bonnet for a couple weeks now.  
Something about the photography world has really irked me.  
There is this website that I got linked to by an acquaintance. The web site banner screams out “You’re not a Photographer”– they talk about faux togs, and they belittle and ridicule people who post photographs on photography pages on facebook.  I’ve looked a few times, and I’d have to agree that 99% of the images are questionable- or worse then questionable- they are not photographically pleasing to the eye, nor are they indicative of someone who has had any training.   But, they are probably done by someone who is trying.  Trying different things, wanting to get better.
I understand that photographers are insulted that someone would call themselves professional and post those types of less then polished images.  But why is that such a personal insult to other photographers?   The page has 21.000 followers, so clearly insulting is of more interest then assisting.
I 100% agree with another catch phrase on their site something along the lines of ” just because you own a camera doesn’t make you a photographer”  Again- that’s true.  I see photographers all over the web and facebook spouting that phrase out.  Yup, I agree.
A few weeks ago, I witnessed a group of photographers engaged in a discussion online about how pathetic some photographers are, and how they’d like to reveal them to the world for the fauxtogs that they are.  These women seemed angry and personally affronted by these so called fauxtogs.  
And then, I stumbled upon an image that a now popular photographer did many many years ago.  Let’s just say- it probably isn’t one that she wants floating around- but it is.
It brought home the fact that even those that are laughing and ridiculing have taken horrible photos, and printed a business name on them.  So why do they think that NOW that they have had years of practice that they can judge and ridicule those who are beginning?  Have they forgotten that they were once a shade of that photographer that they are making fun of?  Why do they get to pretend they have always done superior photography and take the holier then thou stance and judge?
Generally, I have found that photography is not a friendly business.  There aren’t photographers waiting to lend a hand, share a kind word, or talk shop.  It’s a very protectionist atmosphere.  
I’m not trying to break anyone down or steal anything, i’m just doing what i’m doing, and letting you do what you are doing.  Why can’t we just 
 source- pintrest
And NO, I haven’t been featured on the website.  I hope to never be.   But as I celebrate my one year photography anniversary, I know that I am still learning, and I just wonder since when has learning been a bad thing?  And something a person shouldn’t admit?

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  1. I like what you are saying.

    When people are insecure about themselves they ridicule others. This web site sounds like it attracts immature, self absorbed people who are trying to make themselves appear superior. Everyone has to start somewhere. Most of the photographers I know try to be as helpful as they can be to beginners. Especially those who really want to learn and are striving to improve their work.

    That said, I also understand why a professional photographer, one who has spent years studying at university or college, invested time and money becoming a professional would be annoyed when someone picks up a point and shoot and takes a few good shots on automatic and calls themselves a photographer, without putting in the time and money. A few good shots on automatic does not make one a pro. Digital photography has made it easy for the average person to take good photos and that is great. When I see a beginners photo that is good I am thrilled and happy for them. I want to encourage that person with praise and if needed a bit of honest critiquing. There are some people who are insulted when you critique their photo, they only want the good stuff.

    I have found that there are many different attitudes out there. There those who concentrate on the technical side but don’t have any understanding or interest in the aesthetic side and vice versa. Some people will invest a fortune in top end equipment and take boring, unattractive photos, that are technically good. But you are so right, people should try to be kind and understanding.

    I am not a pro. I wouldn’t dream of calling my self that. I took a few semesters in college many years ago that really has little to do with today’s digital world. I belong to I have been a member for six years now. The majority of people that I have got to know are great. I have learned so much from people who are happy to share their knowledge. I can honestly say that I have never been given bad advice. I have also sold quite a few photos there which helps pay for new and better gear.

    Good luck.



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