I was feeling creative this morning and was looking through some photos I’d recently taken and hadn’t edited.  I decided to be pretty creative with the edit on this one, since this type of creativity is something newish for me.  I never took THESE kinds of liberties back when I was doing client images.  😀

So I’ve been to the Tranquille Sanitarium , also known as Padova city a twice now, the last time this October.  The first time I went I didn’t find it creepy despite it’s reputation as being haunted.  These are the images from my first trip to tranquille.  If you don’t know the history, poke around the internet or check out this page.
My second visit with Kendra was certainly creepy.  I don’t scare easily, but I’m sure I saw a ghost in the laundry facility.  I’m TOTALLY sure I saw a ghost.  My feet took me out of there pretty quickly, but I had to peek back in.  I pulled up the image I took of the inside of that building, but didn’t want to edit it.  It gives me the creeps.  Perhaps I’ll go back and try another time.  No ghost in the picture, just crazy creepy feeling.
So forgive the odd timing of this image- a few days before Christmas isn’t probably the best time for creepy pictures…lol.  

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