Ohhhh the joys of Winter driving.  Kamloops, where the weather was lovely, to Calgary, where it was also lovely was hellish over Roger’s Pass. 
 We got stopped for Avalanche controls. 
We thought we’d made it past, but were stopped and advised we’d have to wait for 
three hours while they blasted.  
Three hours in a vehicle. 
With a toddler.
In freezing snowy weather.
I wandered out to take some pics. 
 It was actually kinda fun.
Stood in the middle of highway #1
one of Canada’s busiest highways and just looked around.
listened to the sounds of the bombings 
for the avalanche controls
watched dogs turn the highway into their dog park
ignored the flag person who told us to get back in our vehicles in case the snow plow came…
We were lined up.  Tail to nose
Semis, trucks, cars.
As far as the eye could see.
When it was all over, the army drove past 
the little blasting tanks.  
We finally listened to the flag girl, and 
back in our vehicles.
It was an adventure !


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