my latest project

I love the idea of repurposing old items and making them into something unique.  I recently acquired an old window.  I’d been looking for one FOREVER !  It was pretty rustic when I got it.  This is my cat Diego wondering why I brought this piece of crap into the house…..
I think my husband was wondering too.  It sat in our bedroom for about 2 months while I kept staring at it… thinking, planning…..(being annoying)  I kept asking him to verify how cool it was.  The best I got was a grunt.  He did agree that he just couldn’t “see my vision”
I knew I wanted one of the panes of glass to be chicken wire.  I felt so guilty smashing one of the windows.  I swear, I debated and debated.  Felt so mean smashing it.
When I first started to work on it, I tried to make it rustic, sanded it down, tried to make it old, but I just wasn’t feeling it.  I saw this beautiful blue colour in my paint box and took a chance…..I love it.  I wanted it to be personal, and an item that I could change and modify as time goes on. The old broach is my grandmother’s, the old whistle is Mat’s grandfather’s, and the old key… well, it’s just a cool old key.  
The clips will will allow us to change photos frequently, which I LOVE.  As a photographer, my favorite photos change almost weekly.  I love that I can easily display them here.  My beautiful french fabric piece is a work in progress.  I might add something vintage to it… I might add another clip for photos… or I might get a better idea !!  The black frame up top is ready for a 4×6 image.  Again, can be changed frequently !!
I’m pretty pleased with the transformation, but unfortunately my new piece doesn’t yet have a home on my wall yet.  Not sure where to put it… YET.


 Would you do anything else?

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