My crush

I’m heartbroken.  Simply heart-broken.  Despite the fact that we have three cats, I have a dog “friend” who I am completely and utterly smitten with.  He comes to my door daily with his wet little nose and sweet smile.  He’s been known to come in, eat treats, and yes, I’ve snuggled with him on the couch, and recently in the bed.  Don’t judge, he’s the sweetest soul around, and YES, I realize he’s not mine.  It’s a love affair despite cat protests.  
Back to the broken heart part- yesterday his owner let me know they were moving away.  Leaving.  Going.  No more daily visits from Oakley.  No more cuddles.  No more dog love.  
Now I like his owners too, but I BIG PUFFY HEART him.
So today, while he was in the house, he was nosing around and found a remnant of a previous day’s valentines day craft on the floor, and it stuck.  haha.
Awwwww how can you not love that??

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