February Photo Challange

Along with a few others, i`m doing a daily photo challenge in February.  I got a bit behind, so i`m going to lump them the last few together here, but from now on I`m looking to keep up daily !


02.01.12- My view- my cutie in the bath full of bubbles

02.02.12- words- a book from my favorite show, sex and the city.  I will forever heart you Carrie Bradshaw.

 02.03.12- hands.  my husband`s manly hands.  one of my favorite things about him.

02.04.12 A Stranger- the stranger who I sometimes (not always) see in the mirror, who has smudged makeup, more lines, and usually her hair piled up on her head.  In some ways this is me, and in some ways it`s a total stranger.

02.05.12 — 10 am.  With my husband on our way out to do shooting (cameras not guns) and shopping.  He always has to have a coffee when he`s driving.


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