I was in a bit of a photography funk lately.  I’ve been working with a talented mentor who really knows her stuff.  It’s a fabulous learning experience that I recommend to all photographers, but you must be prepared for the truth- not the truth you think you know, but the real truth.  My mentor is fabulous at sharing where I can improve.  This session was an opportunity to try to improve on previous similar sessions.

So this is the learning experience #1- these images.
The learning experience #2 will be probable re-edits/reworking of these images after I speak to the fabulous Ms. Mentor about them.  🙂  I’m looking forward to her feedback.  There may be a follow up blog post !

And, this photography funk,

I’m hoping after this session, it will turn around.  I’m sort of smitten lately with photographing women.  I pitched the idea of the “sock bun” look to Kendra.  The big bun- a la -Carrie Bradshaw.  She convinced me to shoot her hair down first, and reluctantly put it up after the hair down pictures.

Well, she ROCKED this look.  
She looks ahhh-mazing !

So it’s those pictures that are up first, followed by the others.
Thanks Kendra- you are beautiful.


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