For a girl not working as a photographer, I had a busy day this day.  This is the second of two families I photographed today.  Only friends and special people is my line.  So this is my friend Carolyn, who like the earlier session, has become a dear friend.  She`s kind, sweet, caring and the first to be there to offer support.   She also has a killer sense of humour, and a wonderful karaoke voice.  So I was very pleased to do her family photos, here`s a peek.
Did I also mention how nervous I get when photographing friends.
Beautiful !!!

I love how natural and relaxed they are with each other.
 Big smiles.
Love !

Thank you Kamloops weather for cooperating so we could do THIS in November.
One of my favorite pictures.  I love the closeness, her happiness, and I can almost feel the connection between these two.  
The sun came out so we took a few sun drenched blurry dreamy pics. 
How does a man get so lucky to have two lovely ladies in his life.

Those eyes !!!

Thanks to K`s kitty for being my pal while she posed for pics.  

Special moments.
Now this picture makes me jealous, not only does Carolyn look drop dead gorgeous, I love the way she is looking at her daughter.  This picture shows how so many mothers feel about their children.
Mommy cuddles.
And yes, they had to have the couples photos too.  I adore this one.  Promise me you will frame it and put it up, because you both like amazing.
 Daddy love.
Thanks guys, I hope you like your photos, it was lots of fun to photograph you guys.
YOUCH  !!!!!!!!
(couldn`t resist putting this fun one up)
great humour guys !

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  1. Geat Pics! I have known carolyn a long time and you definetly captured all her beauty inside and ourside in these pictures!


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