I’ve met a lot of fabulous people in Kamloops. When we first moved here from Calgary, I had a hard time adjusting and I always complained about Kamloops.  But the one thing I have always, and will always say, is that Kamloops, hands down has some of the BEST, nicest, most genuine people I’ve ever met.

One such example is my friend Jana.  We’ve known each other since our boys were little.  She’s gone on to have another beautiful little boy.  This is the third time I’ve photographed them.  They were the VERY first family I photographed when I decided to start a business.  I will always be grateful to them for allowing me to first try out my skills on them, and then for using me two more times.  The biggest compliment a person can give you is to ask you back again….. and again.  So for me, I really really want to make sure I reward their trust with images they love.

We snuck this session in at the very tail end of the season, it was chilly, so we got down to business quickly, and the boys were great as the cold slowly grabbed hold of us towards the end.

Hope you enjoy these images.

Mommy and her first adorable “baby”
 And the new handsome baby
 Adore !
 Hello cutie !
I LOVE to catch a great natural reaction.

I did say… stick out your tongue…..
 And then SMILE.
So in fairness to how cute the tongue one is, and how awesome the smile is, I had to show both.
 And finally, again, I have to say, Jana, you look beautiful here.  I’m so partial to these images.  Something about a beautiful woman in the arms of her partner.
 Thanks guys, and special thanks to Kevin, who pulled an all nighter working, and then came for photos.  
And lastly, if you are ever wondering how to coordinate, without being too matchy matchy, this family had it down pat.  You guys looked great.  

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