I love to drive back roads and find interesting old structures.  I always find it interesting what time, weather and lack of care has done to them.  I’m sure they all have stories, stories of how long they have been abandoned, stories about the people who lived there, and why they left.  
Having just moved back to Alberta, but to the Edmonton area which is an area that I’m not overly familiar with, my family and I went out sightseeing.
We were in search of old buildings, interesting scenery, and both the beautiful, and the deserted Ukrainian churches that seem to be a staple in this area.
It was also a great opportunity to break in my new wide angle lens.
I am still in awe of how much you can get in your image !  There certainly is a learning curve when trying a new lens, but I think this one is going to be a very fun lens.
Here are some of my captures from this trip.
I love this len’s ability to capture Alberta’s big sky.
The image below is actually using my 50mm lens, but the others are the wide angle.
This is an old church near Mundare that apparently there is talk of burning down.  It sits next to a cemetery on a range road all alone.  I wish I would have seen it before the windows were boarded up.

And near Vegreville, this abandoned home with an old fridge out front.
One of the things both my husband and I adore, and missed about Alberta is the big skies, and the beautiful clouds.


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