new lenses, new challenges

I’ve been a bit spoiled lately with new new lenses.  I’ve gotten two new, a wide angle, which I’ve  been desperately longing for, and a new all purpose telephoto zoom.  In fairness to me, they haven’t been big splurges because I’ve gotten them for awesome prices, which makes me very happy.  
We were out on one of our adventures this weekend and I took the opportunity to try out my newest lens.  Pretty happy with it, it’s sharp !  It’s taking a bit of getting used to with how far away I have to be from my subject.  My previous favorite lens, and probably one i’ll always love is my 50 mm which has me at a different proximity to my subject.  More practice needed with this lens, but so far, happy with this purchase.
These are two of my son on a disused train track.  I do know with one hundred degree certainty it is no longer used.  I personally wouldn’t shoot on a track that had even minimal usage.
I love the first one here, my son looking so happy and carefree.  And the second image, his killer smile.  


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