It`s been a year, I see since I`ve last posted.  After I closed my business in Kamloops after a short and frustrating go at it, I felt very free and unconstrained by not having to please clients.  I went out and shot all the time.  I also had the beautiful landscape of BC, and lots of people who let me photograph them.  

Fast forward ahead more than a year, I`ve since moved back to cold Alberta, where there isn`t as many warm days, shooting outdoors is limited and more of a challenge, and we have since had a baby girl so my free time is greatly decreased.  
Our little lady is approaching 6 months, so I am trying to reclaim a bit of time for myself now that she`s a bit less dependent on me than she was in earlier months.
My recent photos are not living up to what I envision them to be.  I`m rusty, and out of practice.  My eye isn`t as good as it should be when it comes to composition.  I sorta suck.  
Two recent photography sessions, the fist, indoor images of my daughter, still using natural light were a success for me.  I was fairly happy with them.

And then I went out and tried to shoot where I normally do better, outdoors.  I am happy with this picture of Dylan, but it is not sharp enough for my liking, and I did not achieve the sort of image I had in my head.  The photo of Danica is mediocre at best.  Photos of the two of them…. are not fit for sharing unfortunately.  

Moral of the story.  I need to shoot more, I need to shoot others more, I need to continue my education.  I always appreciate constructive criticism from fellow photographers and friends alike.
Thanks for reading.

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