A love letter to Waterton.

You know when a good friend goes through something rough, or traumatic, you make a special effort to go see them to show your support and give them a great big hug.

That’s exactly what we did with our recent visit to Waterton after the devastating fires. We made the trip from Edmonton to show our support and check in.

There is clearly devistation, it’s a gift from the heavens that no homes, businesses or lives were lost. The trees will sprout again, the vegitation will recover, the animals are returning and people are visiting.

This is our trip to Waterton, two weeks after the Kenow fires.


A mix of burnt brush, glorious spring colours and majestic mountains that still stand proud.



Burnt up to,  but thankfully not the Prince of Wales Hotel


untitled-9007It was such a mix of beauty,

and devastation.

untitled-9030untitled-9029untitled-9026untitled-9043I don’t know if this was the hand of God, firefighters, or both that saved Kootenai Brown’s grave site.  Boy did that come close !untitled-9038untitled-9037

But we have lots of hope and love for Waterton. We know once the roads are opened up to the public to Red Rock Canyon and Cameron Lake, we may feel sadness and overwhelmed at the yet to be seen devastation. untitled-8921But, no lives were lost, animals are returning, Waterton is strong and beautiful, and it will always be a special wonderful place for our family.



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