Princess Series Part 12- Sleeping Beauty (Briar Rose)

As one of the most patriarchal Prince saves Princess stories, Sleeping Beauty doesn’t have much to offer in terms of female empowerment.  I used to be fully against, and horrified at the messages of stories such as this. This project has taught me a few things. Take what applies to you, discard what doesn’t, and discuss what conflicts with your world view.

And did anyone else think that the three good fairies were really in control of almost everything? Disney missed a fabulous opportunity to play up the fact that Flora, Fauna and Merryweather controlled a HUGE amount of the decisions and actions in the movie, and drove the plot in many ways !  Three strong women, snuck in, and took over in the shadow of the main characters !

So as a feminist, raising a Princess loving 3 year old, we’ll have fun with the clothes and beautiful tiaras, and discuss the messages of such fairy tales.



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