This is us.

This is us. This perfectly represents my relationship with my daughter. When she was a baby, she would refuse to go to others. I would have to baby wear her in between breast feeding her, letting her sleep on me, and in between holding her. We have been attached for a long time now. When she was a baby, it was sometimes stifling. Too much, overwhelming, never getting a break or time alone. It still can be. BUT, I have come to realize it’s also a kind of love I’ll never have again. A pure, honest beautiful love that is special and unique. Never will I be this loved again. So these days, as she approaches 4, and school and activities and friends loom like a crowbar that will pry her a bit away from me physically, I can only hope that this closeness will always be there in some way. I hope that I haven’t wished away too many days in the pursuit of a bit of freedom. I hope that I can keep working on myself and be as good of a person as she thinks I am when she looks at me this way. With pure, beautiful love. And so, this is us.



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