The Princess Series- Part 3- Belle

Belle at the library is part 3 of the princess series. Belle loved the library, and so does this little Belle.



And in keeping with our modern twist on fairy tales…..untitled-8332


The Princess Series Part 1- Snow White.

Let me preface this post by saying, that I personally am not a fan of princess stuff. However, my 3 year old is smitten by it. Back when I was pregnant and found out she was a girl, I proclaimed “NO princess stuff!” Well, you know the saying, never say never? lol.

So I’m following her lead, allowing her to pursue her interests, supporting her, BUT giving her my feminist stance on princesses as I’m able to in an age appropriate way. I think it’s a fair compromise.

So this is the first of many fantasy princess sessions. I hope you enjoy them as much as she enjoyed doing them.  As much as I’m not a princess fan, I loved the fantasy nature of creating these.



… and in our version…. Snow White saves herself. And lives happily.



Superhero Photo Shoot

One of the wonderful things about kids is they love to dress up and play the part ! For this session we headed out to the Strathcona Natural Area and played superheros. untitled-7983

It’s always good to have a friend as your sidekick !



Fierce, Fabulous & Fun Shoot.

I was asked to shoot a very different type of portrait, and was thrilled to be included in this idea.  The details were fabulous, the outfit, the flower crown, and the makeup !

It’s really cool as a photographer to step outside of your comfort zone and shoot something totally different, and edit in a more dramatic way that I normally would. Here are a few of the images from this fun shoot.






Beautiful November-Family

Now it’s not a true family session because we snuck this in before the weather turned cold, so Dad was at work unfortunatly. However, we will catch this family of 4 for a true family session as soon as spring hits here in Alberta.

But for today, I was able to get some sweet sibling images, along with a few with mom. This mama is a very special lady. She is kind, sweet, and beautiful inside and out. I am so thankful that we happened to meet and become friends. She is one of those people that you can’t help but adore. She is an inspiring, lovely soul that I’m thankful to have in my life. So here is part 3 of the images. I really hope she likes them.



Fall in Edmonton

Late one Sunday night, with bedtime looming, I rushed to get all my things done,

For I was hoping and praying to get out for some photography fun.

Sure it sounds easy to snap a few pics,

But sometimes kids don’t cooperate and can be little…..

Under a canopy of the colourful trees,

There was me, down on my  knees,

Baragaining and begging, asking, please please won’t you please look,

Over here, just a few more I promised, of the photos I took.

And in the end, I did get a precious few,

Of these adorable, beautiful, wonderful two.

So next year when fall comes our way,

I’ll be out snapping images of these precious days.

For these wonderful people are only little for just a while,

So I hope these photos do for you, what they do for me, and make you smile.

Tracy, October 2016




Little Milky


untitled-4782When she was little we used to call her little milky. Today I put little milky in a milk bath and we took some photos. I had an idea in my head of what I was hoping to capture. This wasn’t it, BUT, as is the case with life, sometimes what you get is better than what you hoped for.

and it’s not a surprise that the smell of flowers, AND milk brought a curious onlooker.