Glorious Light

Working on the mind frame change from “natural light” to “available light”
and cropping to take advantage of the rule of thirds.
And of course loving the way my kitty was basking int he sun, and posing  like the fool he is.  
Yesterday it was a dog, today it’s a cat.  Gotta be fair right?
I caught Diego sitting on the kitchen table and was able to snap a few that I’m in love with.  The black top of the table, and my high angle made for a nice backdrop for this mostly white cat.

And the dog, watching the kitty photo shoot, making sure that he keeps his eye on the big bad kitty cat. 
Diego is the boss, and when Oakley stops in to visit, Diego reminds him with a hiss.
I swear, one bark from Oakley and it would put Diego in his place.
But Oakley is too sweet for that.
So the rein of Diego continues.
Happy Thursday.
Hey, it’s my 100th post ! 
It’s fitting that it’s about my favorite, beloved four legged subject.  
We have cats, which I adore, but you know cats, they are snobby and do what they want.  When we were kids, we had a small dog. This big dog– that again, is unfortunately not ours is novel to me.  I absolutely heart him.  Big puffy heart him.
Although I’m still on my kick about available light this post is about details.  I will however say that the discussion about available light rather than natural light has made me look for light in different ways then I used to.  
I didn’t just think, crap, I better go outside, I investigated ways to harness light to impact the way I wanted my images to look.
But like I said, this post is about details…..
Feet, big, clumpy, awkward doggy feet.
 The beauty of a sleeping dog
 This adorable little patch of whiteness under his chin that I just recently fell in love with.
(yes, I did say “fell in love” with in relation to a dog)
Say what you will about me.
Beautiful doggy nose
 Puppy dog eyes- literally
Puppy dog ear hair.
And general puppy dog love.
This sweetie will be gone in a few months.
I’ll miss him so much.
If you catch me in random yards photographing dogs, please don’t call the police, I’ll give you copies of the images…haha.


Glorious sunshine through my bedroom window this morning.
I was considering a recent conversation that I was having with an experienced photographer.  She was referring  to “available” light, rather than “natural” light.  Of course, natural light is a term used frequently to describe a style of photography.  Natural light photographer.  So although I was using natural light for these images, the new to me term of available light was in the front of my brain.
So there are two images I took, sunbathed images in my bedroom, with beautiful available light from the sun streaming through my windows.  
Basically SOOC.
I hope you don’t mind me sharing more then just my client photography.
This series is titled….
A city girl who loves cows
 Cows who were following me along the fence line as I took scenery photos…. I think they thought I was a weirdo.
I love her
My husband said if I loaded her up in the back of the truck i’d have a big issue when we got home, and attempted to unload a cow into our backyard.
Spoiled sport !