Rub-a -dub-dub, cute baby in the tub !




Fall in Edmonton

Late one Sunday night, with bedtime looming, I rushed to get all my things done,

For I was hoping and praying to get out for some photography fun.

Sure it sounds easy to snap a few pics,

But sometimes kids don’t cooperate and can be little…..

Under a canopy of the colourful trees,

There was me, down on my  knees,

Baragaining and begging, asking, please please won’t you please look,

Over here, just a few more I promised, of the photos I took.

And in the end, I did get a precious few,

Of these adorable, beautiful, wonderful two.

So next year when fall comes our way,

I’ll be out snapping images of these precious days.

For these wonderful people are only little for just a while,

So I hope these photos do for you, what they do for me, and make you smile.

Tracy, October 2016





The boy version of Cherry Bliss’ 
Colour couture cake smash session.
This little sweetie was such a “ham”.  
(mom’s term)
She wasn’t kidding- he loved the camera, and the camera loved him.
Not sure if he had more fun, or if I did, but here is the preview of this cake smash, with a few other images thrown in for fun.