While in Calgary I was invited out to this family’s home for the photo shoot.  They live a bit out of town on a beautiful golf course with sweeping views.  The weather was beautiful on the day of our shoot- but sometimes the bright sun works against a photographer, so the best view wasn’t able to be captured as well as we would have liked.  But you work with what you’ve got, and I think we managed to capture some nice images of this very sweet family.  I hope you enjoy your photo preview !
sweet sweet little boys
Such a nice family
 the littlest guy had the BEST smile here, so what better way to highlight it, and show how small and sweet he is?
 Brotherly love
Mom and her boys
The dog I wanted to steal
Hope you like your images.


These images are from the last family session I posted.  I thought they deserved their own blog post because they were so cute.  The two older boys were just goofing around, and I was able to capture these fun images.

I’ll title the series of shots….
Spontaneous Kiss-Fest 

One of the things I always say I want to capture is emotion.  I love being able to shoot the un-posed fun moments that kids sometimes just give you.  This has been one of the 
B  E  S  T 
set of images I think I’ve been able to capture.  Definitely personal favorites for me !


This beautiful mommy manages 4 adorable kids.  Two older boys and twins- one boy and one girl.
They were sooo much fun to shoot.  I was a bit nervous with four little ones to capture, but we had a great time.  I spent a large part of the session running around them as they played snapping.  Before the running, we did sit down for a few shots so we could try to capture everyone together.

Adorable kids, super nice parents and a beautiful Kamloops evening made for some fun images.  In my next post I’m dedicating it to an adorable set of photos of the older boys.

I hope you enjoy your preview !


You often hear that photo shop can be your best friend.  
But capturing natural light can be the difference between a good photo and a great photo.  I describe my photography is pretty organic- meaning I want to capture people and show them as they really look.  I use photo shop to highlight their natural beauty, and sometimes to remove that pesky blemish  🙂

But more important is the use of light, and the composition of an image.  In this image of my son, the light was hitting him just right, and he was laughing like crazy.  I love how the sun highlights his beautiful green eyes.


These images are ones that my family will treasure.  My son, who you’ve seen on the blog from time to time had the special opportunity to have both sets of grandparents in one city at the same time- which never happens.
We live in Kamloops- my parents live in Calgary, and my in laws live in England- so needless to say, having 4 grandparents was total and utter   B  L  I  S  S  for my little guy.

I know that these are photos he will treasure for the rest of his life.  We did this shoot in Calgary.


The boy version of Cherry Bliss’ 
Colour couture cake smash session.
This little sweetie was such a “ham”.  
(mom’s term)
She wasn’t kidding- he loved the camera, and the camera loved him.
Not sure if he had more fun, or if I did, but here is the preview of this cake smash, with a few other images thrown in for fun.