Glorious sunshine through my bedroom window this morning.
I was considering a recent conversation that I was having with an experienced photographer.  She was referring  to “available” light, rather than “natural” light.  Of course, natural light is a term used frequently to describe a style of photography.  Natural light photographer.  So although I was using natural light for these images, the new to me term of available light was in the front of my brain.
So there are two images I took, sunbathed images in my bedroom, with beautiful available light from the sun streaming through my windows.  
Basically SOOC.
And one other gem that I missed during my initial edit.  I love this one of my boy with his “sleeping baby”  his beloved baby has been with him pretty much since birth.  I love that in this photo my boy, who is now 3 and always seems to look so grown up looks more like the little boy of past months.   I love the older stages, but I do miss the little boy stuff too.