Princess Series- Part 2- Wash Day

In this modern era, even a princess should do her own laundy….untitled-8442untitled-8373




What a fun session !  I normally do primarily families, and edit in a very traditional way, but with this session, it was just one beautiful, photogenic woman, and I was given lots of  opportunity to edit in a very funky, fun way.  It was a fun session, and I love the cool images we captured !
Hope you enjoy this mix of traditional and non-traditional natural light photography !

I count myself very fortunate to be an at home mom to my almost 3 yr old boy.  
Never for one second before I had him did I think I’d be an at home mom.
Once a devoted, career focused, stressed out working girl
(Social Work to be exact)
I never thought I’d give that up.
I get to see every moment of my boy’s life.
I love it.
He’s growing up too fast not to be there.
I was with him at his gymnastics class on Monday,and I was running along side him while he was blissfully 
doing his version of gymnastics with the biggest smile on his face.
I realized these little things are big things.
These are the little moments I want to cherish.
And savour in the moment.
So I did.
I just watched his joyful, youthful smile that was totally focused on the sheer bliss of the moment.
And that was an amazing little (BIG) moment.


 September is coming to a close, but the weather here in Kamloops is still pretty good.  This afternoon I had the pleasure of photographing this adorably stylish little dude.  I asked his mom to jump in for a few shots.  As the mother of a boy, I’m partial to these kind of warm, affectionate images. 
 My favorite has to be this first one. 
 I love seeing a beautiful smile on a mother’s face as she looks at her happy child.  
As a photographer I love to capture that emotion, and as a mother, I hope my son sees that smile and love coming from me to him everyday.  

tracy cook {PET PHOTOGRAPHY}

Every week the wonderful people at have a photo challenge.  This week’s theme is animals.  I’ve never entered before, so I thought i’d give it a try with a photo that I took of a neighbourhood dog.   He is the sweetest little puppy soul.  He belongs to our tenants, but Dylan and I are often outside calling him, and trying to coax him to come play with us.  I am wondering how to break it to the tenants they can never ever move out because we are so smitten with their dog.
Cross your fingers that “Oakley” is a fav over at iheartfaces !
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