May I share an image of my little boy?  I’ve wanted to capture a certain pose/look/image for a while now.  Something about him that I love, and want to remember in it’s absolute 2 year old state.  Now normally this is what I get from him when I come with the camera……

along with a swatting motion, like i’m some sort of insect disturbing and annoying him.

But today, through the MIRACLE of a chocolate chip bribe, I got it !  And I love it !!!!
I wanted just that one eye in focus with those beautiful eyelashes !  Ohh my boy, how I love him so much !


You often hear that photo shop can be your best friend.  
But capturing natural light can be the difference between a good photo and a great photo.  I describe my photography is pretty organic- meaning I want to capture people and show them as they really look.  I use photo shop to highlight their natural beauty, and sometimes to remove that pesky blemish  🙂

But more important is the use of light, and the composition of an image.  In this image of my son, the light was hitting him just right, and he was laughing like crazy.  I love how the sun highlights his beautiful green eyes.