Rub-a -dub-dub, cute baby in the tub !




Superhero Photo Shoot

One of the wonderful things about kids is they love to dress up and play the part ! For this session we headed out to the Strathcona Natural Area and played superheros. untitled-7983

It’s always good to have a friend as your sidekick !




Today was probably my last fall photo shoot before the snow flies this year.  I think we caught the fall leaves just before they all fell to the ground.  We headed to a spot very special to this family who spent many summers out there.  The “boys”, truth be told are more men then boys, but really, to this mom they are her boys.  This shoot probably had to be one of my favorite to do.  The “boys”, clearly their mom’s apple of her eye, and dad’s pride and joy are really nice young men.  I can’t express how awesome it is to see a family so connected to each other and how nice it is that boys past their childhood come out for photos.

As I sat here editing the images, I kept reflecting on my family.  As the mother of a boy, I think I caught a glimpse into my family a few years in the future.  My son is almost three, and these “boys” are men, but I constantly had flashes ahead to when my son’s a young man, and hope that we will be as connected as this foursome are to each other.  I hope this is us when my boy is a young man.  
At the end of the session I chased the boys away to do a few images of their parents, clearly still very much in love after many years together.  How awesome to see that !  I’m partial to the images of them too, again…. hoping this will be me and my husband down the road.  
Enough rambling… here are the images…. I sincerely hope we’ve accomplished what you guys were hoping for !


Family photo shoots have to be one of my favorite types to do.  Maybe it’s because I’m a parent myself, but I always want to capture the love and emotion between parents and their children.  I’ve photographed this family before, and got one of my all time favorite shots of the little man and his dad.  It was an image that I thought just moved me and showed the strong connection between father and son.  This was the image.
Fast forward almost a year ahead.  I was privileged to shoot them again.  They are such a nice family, but it’s funny, I feel an intense need to please this dad with my images more then anyone else I’ve shot.  It’s totally pressure from within because like I said, they are the nicest family.  But I really want him to like these.  I think he’s the dad who will give me honest feedback, will tell me if I got it right or wrong- which I actually really appreciate from a learning perspective.  Hey, as a photographer I want my clients to love the images, and I appreciate them trusting me to capture their family.  So here are a few previews of tonight’s session.  Did I get it right Kev?  🙂

We threw a little outdoor party for the little man’s upcoming third birthday !  Ohh what fun it was !! 


Hello Fall
Now that we live in Kamloops- we actually see four distinct seasons.  When we were in Calgary, one day it was Winter, the next day Summer.  You know what I mean if you’re from there.
It’s honestly not an exaggeration.
Leafs fall off at a rapid rate in Calgary.  One day they are green and on the trees, the next day they are brown, crusty and on the ground.
I do love the Kamloops weather, and since we’ve lived here, and I’ve been able to experience the change of seasons, I’ve come to love fall.
Beautiful colours, leaves falling, the contrast of the blue sky and the yellow leaves….


While I was in Calgary I had the opportunity to photograph this sweet little girl.
Little Miss Olivia and my son were born ten days apart.
  Her mom and I have known each other since we were both just a few weeks pregnant. 
 We are part of a very special group of ladies. 
Here are some of the images from the session. 
(ps- I DARE you not to squish these adorable cheeks ! )


I spent my Wednesday night with a beautiful momma who is expecting her second baby in a couple of weeks.  We took advantage of the 
warm weather and wonderful light.
For me, when I sit down to edit a session, especially one that’s different from others that I’ve done I am really excited to get working, and find myself saying…
 ” this is my new VERY favorite set of images”
I said it again tonight.
I think you might agree when you see these !
I love the dreamy nature of the log image….

And at the end of the session, this adorable big sister to be joined us and painted mom’s belly !
So cute !
Thanks for the opportunity to capture your maternity images !
I hope you enjoy this preview.


I had the cutest brother/sister duo the other day !  Both were sweet and beautiful, although I’m not sure a boy his age wants to be referred to that way–haha– but it’s true !  Enjoy the images.
This has to be one of my favorite images, I caught her just sitting quietly waiting for me to come to her.
And she was all smiles once we got going

The two of them were soooo photogenic !!
And this is an out-take, but an adorable one… monkeying around after the shoot.  Could you resist capturing this??

Photographing Alberta – part four

Rowley Alberta

Just literally steps away from the main street you’ll find these beautiful grain elevators.  
I guess they were sold to the town by the Alberta Wheat Pool for $1.00.

If you know anything about grain elevators, you know they are imposing figures in the praries, are no longer used, and not often found.  These are in really good condition, and again are going to be preserved by the community for tourism.

 The elevators as seen from a disused train nearby.

Definitely a place I’d like to explore more.  We were short on time, and were given the opportunity by one of the locals to go inside buildings which I would have loved to do, but time didn’t allow.
I do have to say it’s a weird feeling to be there- we were pretty much the only ones there, and all of the locals knew it.
I totally felt like an intruder although they are a welcoming community.