Princess Series- Part 2- Wash Day

In this modern era, even a princess should do her own laundy….untitled-8442untitled-8373



Superhero Photo Shoot

One of the wonderful things about kids is they love to dress up and play the part ! For this session we headed out to the Strathcona Natural Area and played superheros. untitled-7983

It’s always good to have a friend as your sidekick !




I had the cutest brother/sister duo the other day !  Both were sweet and beautiful, although I’m not sure a boy his age wants to be referred to that way–haha– but it’s true !  Enjoy the images.
This has to be one of my favorite images, I caught her just sitting quietly waiting for me to come to her.
And she was all smiles once we got going

The two of them were soooo photogenic !!
And this is an out-take, but an adorable one… monkeying around after the shoot.  Could you resist capturing this??
I hope you don’t mind me sharing more then just my client photography.
This series is titled….
A city girl who loves cows
 Cows who were following me along the fence line as I took scenery photos…. I think they thought I was a weirdo.
I love her
My husband said if I loaded her up in the back of the truck i’d have a big issue when we got home, and attempted to unload a cow into our backyard.
Spoiled sport !

Photographing Alberta – part two

Not too far away from Drumheller is a little place called Dorothy. It’s one of those places, as the saying goes, if you blink you’ll miss it.

 There is a beautiful grain elevator (which was tough to photograph) and two churches near each other that are no longer used, but are being refurbished by the community.  They are still very old looking, and have tons of character.