I count myself very fortunate to be an at home mom to my almost 3 yr old boy.  
Never for one second before I had him did I think I’d be an at home mom.
Once a devoted, career focused, stressed out working girl
(Social Work to be exact)
I never thought I’d give that up.
I get to see every moment of my boy’s life.
I love it.
He’s growing up too fast not to be there.
I was with him at his gymnastics class on Monday,and I was running along side him while he was blissfully 
doing his version of gymnastics with the biggest smile on his face.
I realized these little things are big things.
These are the little moments I want to cherish.
And savour in the moment.
So I did.
I just watched his joyful, youthful smile that was totally focused on the sheer bliss of the moment.
And that was an amazing little (BIG) moment.

tracy cook {PERSONAL} www.cherryblissphotography.ca

Reading a recent photography site, they asked about everyone’s photography inspiration.  I wish I could say it’s my 2 1/2 year old son, but most days it’s not- because he is so tired of me taking his picture that he generally hides, or rolls his little bitty toddler eyes when I come with the camera.
the other day I did capture a few keepers.
And I got to thinking, that although he loathes the camera- he is my inspiration for everything.  He’s not my muse (haha as if) but he’s my inspiration.  He’s everything.

What’s your inspiration??
Do you have a muse?