Ohhhh the joys of Winter driving.  Kamloops, where the weather was lovely, to Calgary, where it was also lovely was hellish over Roger’s Pass. 
 We got stopped for Avalanche controls. 
We thought we’d made it past, but were stopped and advised we’d have to wait for 
three hours while they blasted.  
Three hours in a vehicle. 
With a toddler.
In freezing snowy weather.
I wandered out to take some pics. 
 It was actually kinda fun.
Stood in the middle of highway #1
one of Canada’s busiest highways and just looked around.
listened to the sounds of the bombings 
for the avalanche controls
watched dogs turn the highway into their dog park
ignored the flag person who told us to get back in our vehicles in case the snow plow came…
We were lined up.  Tail to nose
Semis, trucks, cars.
As far as the eye could see.
When it was all over, the army drove past 
the little blasting tanks.  
We finally listened to the flag girl, and 
back in our vehicles.
It was an adventure !


tracy cook {NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY} www.cherryblissphotography.ca

Hubby and I both share a love of photography, exploring, and heading off the beaten trail.  With my mother in law in town to look after our little guy, we decided to go exploring.  A neighbour had seen my photos of old buildings and barns before and recommended this very secluded place not too far from Kamloops.  I suspect there is a lot of history to these sets of dwellings- I need to look into it further before I can say much.  Although it was a dreary rainy day, I loved what we found !  We happily explored for hours, and these are some of the images I captured.  
A cold house built into the hill- still in good repair
 Love the roof !
 An apple tree in the background.  Bear poop nearby.
 Isolation.  Way back when it was occupied- peace and serenity, or boredom and depressing?
I think I squealed when we went around back of this one and found the car
Grass growing from under the motor
Love the details of old vehicles in poor repair
What a great find !  We so enjoyed the day on our own, and I loved capturing these images and exploring !!
I hope you don’t mind me sharing more then just my client photography.
This series is titled….
A city girl who loves cows
 Cows who were following me along the fence line as I took scenery photos…. I think they thought I was a weirdo.
I love her
My husband said if I loaded her up in the back of the truck i’d have a big issue when we got home, and attempted to unload a cow into our backyard.
Spoiled sport !

Photographing Alberta – part one

My husband and I were recently on vacation in Alberta- which is where we are from.  We are both into photography, and with the benefit of grandparents to watch our little guy, we went out one day in search of cool images that represented Alberta.

Part One

Drumheller Area

 As far as the eye can see….

Disused bridge….
The last of its kind in Canada.
but don’t ask me what kind, because I’m not sure.  🙂