Princess Series- Part 2- Wash Day

In this modern era, even a princess should do her own laundy….untitled-8442untitled-8373



Fall in Edmonton

Late one Sunday night, with bedtime looming, I rushed to get all my things done,

For I was hoping and praying to get out for some photography fun.

Sure it sounds easy to snap a few pics,

But sometimes kids don’t cooperate and can be little…..

Under a canopy of the colourful trees,

There was me, down on my  knees,

Baragaining and begging, asking, please please won’t you please look,

Over here, just a few more I promised, of the photos I took.

And in the end, I did get a precious few,

Of these adorable, beautiful, wonderful two.

So next year when fall comes our way,

I’ll be out snapping images of these precious days.

For these wonderful people are only little for just a while,

So I hope these photos do for you, what they do for me, and make you smile.

Tracy, October 2016




Little Milky


untitled-4782When she was little we used to call her little milky. Today I put little milky in a milk bath and we took some photos. I had an idea in my head of what I was hoping to capture. This wasn’t it, BUT, as is the case with life, sometimes what you get is better than what you hoped for.

and it’s not a surprise that the smell of flowers, AND milk brought a curious onlooker.


Lifestyle Shoot – In the Kitchen

I’ve had an idea for a lifestyle shoot in the kitchen for a while now. My dining room walls are bare, and the best way to adorn them are with pictures of my littles. I love lifestyle photography, a general idea, a few props, and the natural fun that this type of session breeds makes for some adorable photos.


Sooooo help me out here…. which ones are your favs to go on the wall?

Keeping it Real !

Someone posted an article the other day that talked about how facebook statuses that people post make up the 5% of their life that is ideal. It looks something like this. Perfectly dressed children. Smiling,wonderful, loving family. 
We DON’T post the crying, screaming, arguing, the exhaustion. 
I guess that’s ok, as long as everyone out there realizes those idealic posts, which seems to make up 99% of Facebook life, are NOT the real, full  truth.These sanitized, cleaned up, buffed and shiney posts aren’t what you should compare yourself to, or try to measure your worth or success as a parent or person. Because when you compare what your life is like 95% of the time, to this 5% idealic, you are bound to feel bad and feel like you don’t measure up. 
So, here are two sides of the coin. The real, and the ideal.
Beautiful location, crabby, tired child who doesn’t want to pose
Ideal…. caught that 1 second and managed to snap her looking peaceful, content and perfect.
Truth is, we have more of the first picture than we do of the second. And that’s ok because she is two, and it’s to be expected. I know this is the case for you too. Secret’s out. And it’s actually going to help everyone now that we understand this fact. So spread the word. This is your real life too.