Our travels on the open road took us to the small city of Vegreville where you will find lots of Ukrainian folks and the worlds largest Ukrainian egg.
That’s my boy, in yellow standing  under the giant revolving egg.
 Now we can say we’ve been there.

Found a bit of info on it on the internet.


Aluminum Permanently anodized in gold, bronze, and silver.

Number of Pieces:

Star Patterns: 524
Triangular Pieces: 2,206
Visible Facets: 3,512
Nuts and Bolts: 6,978
Internal Struts: 177


Aluminum Skin: 2,000 lbs
Internal Structure: 3,000 lbs
Base: 27,000 lbs


Length: 25.7 feet
Width: 18.3 feet
Highest Point from Ground: 31.6 feet
Over 12,000 man hours of design and fabrication were required to develop the structure


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