Hey, it’s my 100th post ! 
It’s fitting that it’s about my favorite, beloved four legged subject.  
We have cats, which I adore, but you know cats, they are snobby and do what they want.  When we were kids, we had a small dog. This big dog– that again, is unfortunately not ours is novel to me.  I absolutely heart him.  Big puffy heart him.
Although I’m still on my kick about available light this post is about details.  I will however say that the discussion about available light rather than natural light has made me look for light in different ways then I used to.  
I didn’t just think, crap, I better go outside, I investigated ways to harness light to impact the way I wanted my images to look.
But like I said, this post is about details…..
Feet, big, clumpy, awkward doggy feet.
 The beauty of a sleeping dog
 This adorable little patch of whiteness under his chin that I just recently fell in love with.
(yes, I did say “fell in love” with in relation to a dog)
Say what you will about me.
Beautiful doggy nose
 Puppy dog eyes- literally
Puppy dog ear hair.
And general puppy dog love.
This sweetie will be gone in a few months.
I’ll miss him so much.
If you catch me in random yards photographing dogs, please don’t call the police, I’ll give you copies of the images…haha.

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