So as you know if you follow my blog, I am happily out of the photography business, because it was robbing me of  my enjoyment of photography.  What I do enjoy, is photographing friends, and their adorable kids.  
Lia has become a dear friend to me, she is kind, giving, loving, and a person who you can count on.  I’m blessed to have her as a friend.  I adore ADORE her boys.  
Here are a few from her family session.
Heart breaker !!!!
I swear, this laugh comes right from his toes.  This is ranking up there as one of my all time favorite photos that I`ve ever taken.
This little man already has the ladies wrapped around his finger.
Look at the hair !!!

And when I do families, I always insist on a few couples pictures.  Because after all, it`s good to have a visual reminder of your relationship aside from children.  I adore these couples ones, I think Lia looks so beautiful.  

And a bit of a different angle  of a mommy hug.
Brother Love !
Thanks for being a great family to photograph, I hope you love your pictures.  


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